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Anyone for some Uni Porn, err, I mean Unicorn?

Posted by TheBoogley - April 21st, 2009

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Dear Diary,

I'm still recovering from the events of Saturday at the Melbourne meet.

We had a wonderful civilized lunch, except for the fact that Lochie kept hitting me and playing mechano with the pegboards I brought in to give out, everything was going along swimmingly. But then I made a fatal error, I chose beer over lazertag, sending me spiralling out of control...

I remember the evenings events as a blur of flipping acrobatical metroid characters, a publicly urinating Arnold Schwartzernegger, curry in the gutter, one on one Galaga wars with a broken fire button, trying not to giggle as a drunken maniac talked me through his sexy times, and capped off by an insane taxi driver speeding me home, bouncing the car over speedbumps.

Somewhere in the middle of all this Ross spoke to me through the haze, demanding I provide him with a unicorn rearing up and flailing its hooves about... so Ross this one's for you.

The next day was a write-off until about 4pm. I'd promised to show Luis and Ross around Melbourne, take them to the zoo to show Luis drop bears and there I was lying in bet with a trusty bucket by my side. The shame was too much, so I dragged my steaming carcass into the shower, then to the car, dressing myself inbetween and picked them up to take them to dinner and show them some aussie cuisine in St Kilda. My wife phoned a friend who lived in St Kilda if they had a good fish and chip shop, she recommended a fancy seafood restaurant. So we had an assortment of good aussie tucker; octopus tentacles, giant prawns, and malaysian seafood laksa clay pots.

Chuck another octopus tentacle on the barbie... err... mate.

So anyways, I'd like to announce the Melbourne meet a hilarious success, it was fantastic to meet some of you guys (I'm still trying to match usernames to faces) and without further ado, Ross here is your unicorn.

Anyone for some Uni Porn, err, I mean Unicorn?

Comments (36)

Melbourne looked mega.


You need to use your skills to make something truly awesome

The thing that my ego is slowly coming to realise is that I'm more
of a character designer and animator than a story guy, but yeah,
I want to make something BIG.

That unicorn is fucking amazing.

just don't get too close to those hooves :3

That unicorn looks like he's having the best time EVER!

Cheers Tom, I was showing someone my artwork the other day and they said, "none of your characters look like they're having fun," so this ought to square up the ledger a bit.

Hot Unicorn on Unicorn action!


...I actually laughed at that Uni-porn joke.

shame on you!
It was a dad joke... dads are funny :D

i just got up and did what the unicorn is doing.
im kind of ashamed cuz someone saw me.

ha! it's okay, they'll wait until they think no one's around and do it too! :D

<a href="http://www.oekakiart.com/rwd/view/21361/">http://www.oekakiart.com/rwd/view/213 61/</a>

i'll let it slide this time.

i can't tell, are you visible in Ross's video? i want to know if you do look like the elephant lad in the greasymoose toon

damn... thats my eyeballed burned out for the day... {:0

I usually look just like elephant lad, but at the moment I disguise myself with a shaved head, full beard and contact lenses...

a unicorn beating out rugs and getting peanut butter off the roof of his mouth at the same time...verrrry interesting...

cruelty! no wander they're extinct.

I'm speechless.

I watched your robot astonaunt guy gif on your site, and I am also unable to express myself verbally! :D

That surrrre is a unicorn

I should've done that as a part of your 4/20 thing

it was a good time by all. and I do remember you talking about the unicorn.
I was also planning go to the zoo with you guys but i had a bit of a hangover and did nothing all day.

damn it! what a rip off!
it would've been great to hurl poo at the monkeys with you guys!

OMG LOOOOL the guy with the Arny voice... what's his name again had me in absolute tears.... was too much man... too much. Curry was good.

you had the spicy tears running down your face... Chris was his name, his username is Chrispington. I just watched killing spree 6 and am now frightened of your skills. {80

man I cant believe that the guy who did Arny voice was there.
I had been playing against him in TF2 for a long time and he would never break character when playing.


More like are you really 12. That beard aint foolin nobody

it's really a chin wig...
I've animated your clay pot sneaking past you for the next gif.

I don't believe i've ever seen a double jointed unicorn.

I don't believe you haven't.

I saw you post about a unicorn on RN's page and I was waiting for it.

I rofled.

You poor fellow.
My dog rofls all the time, it's a bastard to clean up.

cool unicorn

dance like my aunt

your aunt?! :D

Best GIF yet. Wish I could have made it to the meet.


I wasn't on the "Newgrounders I like" list...


the melbourne meet was fun we have to do it again next year also cool unicorn

We sure will have to do it again.
glenrowan! That's Kelly country! :O

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