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Animation is the imagination laid bare for all to see, our own personal constructed realities shared with others, story telling in it's purest form, or just a bunch of funny shit drawn for people to laugh their arses off to. It's all good.

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TheBoogley's News

Posted by TheBoogley - February 15th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds!!

I just want to say that though I don't visit the site much anymore due to work/children/craziness I am eternally grateful for the encouragement and criticism I got here when I was starting out in animation back in 2007. Without the opportunity to share with a broad audience and gain all sorts of insane feedback on my work I probably would've dabbled in animation for a bit and then lost interest. MY GUSHING LOVE TO ALL YOU UGLY BASTARDS!!

Oh, and thank you again for developing SWIVEL!! It has changed my life and I'm making sure everyone knows about it and is using it!! If only Apple weren't such a bunch of jerks we could've just stuck with swf format... it's sad to think that starting out animators have to have to either regress back to .gif or learn a whole bunch of video compression jargon.

Anyway, love you guys, LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU.

oh, and I'm uploading a couple of recent loops, the first one has FIGHTING in it.

I love you guys!

Posted by TheBoogley - June 22nd, 2012

Hey Newgrounds!

I've just uploaded my latest loop for you all to hate on!

Oh, and just so that this isn't a complete waste of your time I thought I'd share a little something you may not have heard of... There's a dude called Dan Meth and he made a bunch (39 in fact) dumb short cartoons a few years back. Here's one of em!

/* */
In other news our second child was due yesterday, but the little jerk is staying put for some reason... damned kids never do as they're told.

Oh, and here's an image from my instagrams, if ya'll wanna follow me I'm TheBoogley (duh)

Sexy Times!!

Posted by TheBoogley - May 27th, 2012

Hey there Newgrounds!

I've made a new animated loop and wanted to share it with you guys!

I haven't been around here much in a while, things have been busy busy busy!

In case you don't know I've been running a monthly animation challenge called LoopdeLoop, and it's dedicated to animated loops. It runs through a blog and screening here in Melbourne and it's getting more and more popular. LoopdeLoop just had it's first birthday and to celebrate we had a big best of screening on the big public screen at Federation Square which is in the heart of our cities art precinct. It's winter here so it was pretty chilly and rainy, but it was a great experience!

Here's a great graduate short film by a local friend Mel Roach!

Oh and I've got a second child coming some time within the next month! Another boy!

anyways, here's a rejected dance for that floppy dude with the face...

Not the loneliest number after all...

Posted by TheBoogley - January 18th, 2012

Hello hello hello, what you doing there Newgrounds?!

I done made me a new clip, and it's been declared UNDERDOG OF THE WEEK.


Here's another walk that I'd started but didn't get finished in time.


Never Fear UNDERDOG is Here!

Posted by TheBoogley - September 20th, 2011

Hey there!
I've been animating again... Just uploaded two new freaky animated loops, created for LoopdeLoop's September screening here in Melbourne!

Burning Bunny Mind Melt.

So Many Bunnies!!

I actually created one of them a while ago but the uploader was failing in Firefox and I stupidly thought it was the file's fault.... Then I tried again in Safari and it worked. How about that? Boring? I KNOW!! 8D

Well, that's it really... here's a dumb bunny.

Hot buns...

Posted by TheBoogley - July 12th, 2011

Hey jerks and jerkettes!

I've just uploaded a new loop I made for loopdeloop.org, this time to the theme of MONSTERS. It's a pretty deep piece of animation, in which I bare my soul... so I thought I'd call it blobba blob blob.

The music used in the piece is by Wynn and Hill Smith, they work collaboratively and their tunes are wonderful! Check them out!
Wynn http://composerkuandohan.newgrounds.co m//
Hill http://composersyterious.newgrounds.co m/

In other news;

- My animation Daughter's Dream (uploaded as Folding Cranes to Newgrounds) screened at the Melbourne animation festival which was a huge buzz. So many beautiful animations and animators to hang out with!

- I got to give Luis a kiss, buy mastersamus a drink, beat MasterAardvark in a strong man challenge, and tell Lochie to "get down from there" about five times at the Newgrounds meet. I was only able to be there for a few hours what with my bubba commitments but it was great fun!

- Our LoopdeLoop animation challenge is now in it's third month and is travelling along beautifully, we're meeting loads of new people and receiving really high quality submissions from all over the world!

- My son is eight months old and absolutely hilarious. He calls me da da, steals my glasses at any opportunity and loves watching animation!

- Tom has a new baby.

that is all.

look at this wibbly ball guy, what a wibbly douche bag.

who likes blobs?

Posted by TheBoogley - June 17th, 2011

Hey there Newgrounds,

I've just completed an animation for June's OPPOSITES themed LoopdeLoop animation challenge, and thought I'd share it here first, see what you guys think of it...


It's actually got some fancy thinking colour theory working underneath it, multiplying and screening true complimentary colours (red green blue/cyan magenta yellow, rather than the red yellow blue/orange purple green) against each other to knock each other out and create black. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and will probably use the effect again in the future.

I also made a promo for the LoopdeLoop screenings the other night with the help of a bunch of creative and talented bastards. We messed around animating with different kinds of lights, it came out pretty cool.

/* */
Oh, and the animation festival starts this weekend here in Melbourne and Folding Cranes (aka Daughter's Dream) is going to be screening there! I've got a festival pass so it's going to be an intense week of short films and schmoozing with other animators.

anyway, blah blah... here's a dumb kitty man.

New looping clip and COLOUR THEORY!

Posted by TheBoogley - June 1st, 2011

Hey there Newgrounders!

I haven't been posting here in a while because I've been very busy with teaching and graphic design projects, but I have been checking up on things when I get a chance...

You may not realise this but most of the animations I've uploaded here over the past couple of years were created for a monthly screening night that used to run here in Melbourne, Australia called Secret Handshake. Well, they stopped the event at the end of last year and I really missed it, so over the past two months I've worked with a group of animators, illustrators, and designers to develop a local screening night to replace it called LoopdeLoop.

It's basically the same sort of thing, but the animations submitted to the screening are all looping cycles created to a set theme which changes each month. We run through a blog as well as the screening night which opens it up to more international contributions and allows the pieces to reach a larger audience.

I made two loops for May and thought I'd upload them here to share with you guys.



May was our first month running the project and it went beautifully! We received animated loops from all over the world and people loved it! June's theme is Opposites, and I can't wait to make a piece for it!

AND HERE'S A BLUE BIRDY WITH NO BEAK... he's a little creepy.


Posted by TheBoogley - January 28th, 2011


I'm still messing around with optical illusions and creating examples of basic design principles which play with perception.

I've created a Twitter account too, follow me for updates of stuff I make and great animations and artwork I see! http://twitter.com/TheBoogley

Here's a clip messing around with using isometric projection to create the illusion of space and form, pretty basic concept, but I think that's what makes it so nice to look at.
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/b1 6734aca0a04862d952a11b46c8a9ee

All this messing around with basic shapes and forms has got me thinking about and watching loads of old sesame street stuff from when I was a kid. They used heaps of optical illusions and gestalt theory to open kid's perceptions up and it was awesome!
I imagine you've all seen the pinball number count, I can watch it over and over again, I was obsessed with it when I was little.
The music was by Walt Kraemer, with The Pointer Sisters singing the numbers. The animation was directed by Jeff Hale for his production company, with a bunch of animators working on it, including Ernie Fosselius.
While I was just reading up on it I saw that the sesame street competition on animboom was won by an italian company which remade the clip in stop motion. I can't believe I missed seeing it and want to see it SOO BAAADDDD now. It's a shame the competition wasn't won by someone making something new though...

/* */
Just to show you how freaky the 70's and 80's sesame street clips are, here's one in hebrew. When watched in a language you don't understand they seem like they have some sort of hidden meaning, like political propaganda.

/* */
And seeing as we're watching freaky stuff, have you seen this? The movements are totally dreamlike, they remind me of when I'm trying to run in a dream and my limbs feel really heavy, numb and slow, or like I'm slowly falling.

/* */
Anyways, enough of all that.
Here's another piece I've just made. It's an example of an unstable figure, when looked at as a still image it alternates between looking like a cube and like three interwoven logs. I'm trying to animate them to both show the illusion, make my classes more interesting, and to see if I can learn some new freaky moves to use in later films.

okay, I love you, bye bye

There is no spoon... and it's not a pipe either.

Posted by TheBoogley - January 21st, 2011

Since uploading the Folding Cranes I've gone back to work, and I've spent the past week creating tutorials for teaching design principles and elements using optical illusions as examples of how to understand and play with viewers perceptions.

This afternoon I got bored of recreating diagrams and had a play with some of the theories in flash. CHECK IT OUT!
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/45 56bfcba554f4c8f4f475d8ba02e45e

The final produt will be an interactive flash presentation and I'll be sharing it here as well as using it in the classroom.

In other news I haven't updated my personal site since March last year and it's starting to get me down.

okay, so I think vimeo embedding has been disabled so here's a couple of yootoobs
This is one of the coolest action sequences I've ever seen. It's by Nick DiLiberto who is basically god as far as I'm concerned, although I don't believe in god so maybe he doesn't exist...

/* */
This next piece is directed by a local guy in Melbourne Peter Lowey, I've hung out with him a bit lately We're supposed to be collaborating but I'm not sure if it's going ahead or not...

/* */
here's one of the illusions, if you stare at it for 20 seconds the next thing you stare at will look like it's pulsating. SCREAM AND RUN AWAY!!!

use your Optical illusion 1&2